HealthTwiSt is an innovative goal-oriented service provider for Genetic Contract Research in Translational Medicine, actively supporting you in the fields of Functional Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, Proteomics or Functional Food / Nutriceuticals. In particular you gain access to extensively characterized human subjects and samples together with many years know-how in the analysis of complex genetic traits and diseases.

HealthTwiSt-Register - Proband pool

Recruitment of genetically informative probands for your problem. Selection using clinical and genetic data, based on our proprietary register of twins and families.

HealthTwiSt-Register - Biobank

Specific data and samples for your problem, sequential extension according to your needs.

Genetic studies

Design, development of methodology, and organization of your medical genetics study in the fields of Functional Genomics, Pharmacogenomics or Proteomics. Studies on the effectiveness of nutritional additives / functional food / nutriceuticals or accompanying research for prevention programs.

Data analysis

Statistical evaluation of your medical genetic and scientific studies.

Data management

Systematic management and storage of your study data according to your specific needs, based on our integrated database for recruitment and study management.

Service / Application

Proband pool and recruitmentBiobank of samples and dataStudy design and organizationData analysisData management
Functional Genomics
Functional Food / Nutriceuticals 


Conclusion: Based on a successful scientific track record in genetic epidemiology, the HealthTwiSt-Register is offering you a unique combination of a ‘living biobank’ and a continuously growing pool of probands from twin families.
With the HealthTwiSt approach you continue your previous work in a meaningful human model. By using our highly informative quantitative clinical data you are not just obtaining valuable results but save time and lower costs of your research activities.