You want to better understand data analysis or want do it yourself?
Learn basics and advanced topics of statistics.
Get a head-start in the use of R, the Swiss army knife of data science.

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Understanding statistical results or conducting analyses in-house requires competences. We provide customized seminars on basic and advanced statistical analyses as well as introductory classes in the use of R, a script language becoming increasingly the standard tool in scientific data analytics. These seminars provide basic knowledge on descriptive statistics and hypothesis testing.
Topics covered typically include:

  • Significance / Power / sample size
  • Outlier / data checks
  • Classification levels / scales
  • Cross-tables
  • Normal distribution
  • Means and deviations
  • Tests for mean differences
  • One- vs. two-tailed significance
  • Correlation / regression
  • Logistic regression

Our activities in this area included statistics seminars and programming lessons for PhD-students at various universities in Berlin as well as the Max-Delbrück-Center, as well as in-house seminars for biotech companies. For CQ Beratung und Bildung GmbH, we provide support in the applied bioinformatics training course with 4-weeks of condensed statistics theory and application in R. Details can be found here.

Andreas Busjahn is guest lecturer at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik as well as the akkon Hochschule für Humanwissenschaften in Berlin.